At CSC, we understand the frantic world you live in. IT. Ops. Facilities. Everybody’s got demands. You’re running out of power. Temperatures are rising. You’re faced with limited space. And everybody wants results twice as fast. For half the money.

To stop this never ending downward spiral, CSC, in conjunction with our parent company WESCO, has created a suite of services that can contribute in your quest to cut utility bills, improve cooling efficiencies, maximize space and lower carbon footprints.

Whether you’re striving for LEED certification, or just want to be certain that new cabinet you ordered is placed in the right spot, CSC is here to help.

The following services may help contribute to LEED points in the areas indicated.

Power System Evaluation

A Data Center Power System Evaluation identifies inefficient systems by measuring actual data center power flows. A breakout of IT power consumption from total data center power consumption determines the amount of electricity consumed by the data center for every watt of power drawn by the IT equipment, facilitating apportionment of total electrical costs. Recommendations to improve efficiency can lower energy costs while maintaining or improving availability.

Cooling System Evaluation

The Cooling System Evaluation utilizes 3-D Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) modeling to provide a baseline visualization of temperature and airflow patterns. This service then identifies excessive temperatures and restricted airflows that can compromise reliability and availability of equipment. A predictive impact analysis of potential high density loads simulates causality situations and “what if” scenarios. This feature allows the data center operator to model the results of planned modifications or investigate potential failure modes. Recommendations are provided to reduce overall utility expenses and improve cooling efficiencies to optimize data center productivity.

Energy Audit

A Data Center Assessment provides a clear picture of a data center’s critical power and cooling systems and identifies operational inefficiencies. Recommendations are provided, based on unbiased best practices, to remedy any problem points, lower energy costs, and plan for future growth projections.

Additional Services

  • e-Stock Inventory Management
  • Lighting Upgrades and Retrofits
  • Job Trailers
  • Recycling
  • Kitting