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Panduit BICSI Accredited Expert Webinar Solves Thermal Issues in the Data Center

Expert Webinar Series 200x200

WESCO CSC’s Expert Webinar Series continues with another exciting opportunity for Data Communications professionals to earn BICSI credits, while enhancing their knowledge in the latest technologies. The next course, “Solving Thermal Issues in the Data Center,” hosted by Panduit, will be held on November 18th, 10 – 11 a.m. (Central). Participants can earn 1 BICSI continuing education credit … Read More »

What’s new in the WESCO Data Center App for iPad®


Hardly a day goes by that I don’t see an article in my Inbox or RSS feed mentioning the accelerated rate (compared to predictions) of BYOD use in business. I know that I take my iPad with me pretty much wherever I go – including each day to work. I’ve found myself loading more “business” apps than games or photos, … Read More »

Emerson Network Power’s SmartRow Intelligent Integrated Infrastructure Solution


My curiosity was immediately peaked when I pulled into CSC’s parking lot a few days ago and I saw a large truck with the Emerson Network Power Logo on the side. As I approached, I could see a small staircase mounted along the side of the truck. I realized the side paneling had been removed, and in its place I could see what looked like a small … Read More »

The CSC Data Center Guy Presents: Wyr-Grid® by Panduit


Hello! Data Center Guy here!
Perhaps it was my third cup of coffee, but I’m WIRED for Wyr-Grid! This cable tray solution boasts a smart design that greatly reduces cutting during installation. You can even bond and ground sections by simply tightening a bolt. Take a look at my video to see some of the other great features of this product … Read More »

The CSC Data Center Guy Presents: Mighty Mo® GX by Legrand|Ortronics


Hello! I’m The CSC Data Center Guy! Every so often I need something custom-made to my taste, and of course, size. Whether it is custom draperies for my home, or a baby-blue tuxedo as in my latest video, sometimes I need to be very particular. That is why I believe in the Mighty Mo GX by Legrand|Ortronics.
Take a look at … Read More »

WESCO Distribution Launches Data Center App for iPad on the App Store


Pittsburgh, November 26, 2012:
WESCO Distribution, (NYSE: WCC), a leading provider of electrical, industrial, and communications MRO and OEM products, construction materials, and advanced supply chain management and logistics services, released its data center App for iPad in the App Store. The new app provides data center managers with instant access to the latest products from industry-leading suppliers wherever they … Read More »

Emerson Network Power’s Energy Logic 2.0


Today I found myself completely engulfed by Emerson Network Power’s “e-book” White Paper presenting their Energy Logic 2.0. Well presented in a PowerPoint style, yet with interactive links out to YouTube to keep my interest, I knew I had to share this information with our community.
Energy Logic 2.0 helps data center managers combat the ever-rising energy consumption with methods to optimize power, cooling and … Read More »

Legrand|Ortonics Mighty Mo GX Cabinets


Recently, my husband and I reconfigured our home office. We got creative and used kitchen cabinets and drawers, and attached a kitchen counter to two walls to create joint desktops for our PCs. By thinking “outside the box” we had greater flexibility to make the most of our space.
Like our home office, every data center has unique design requirements. Fortunately … Read More »

Belden’s FiberExpress Ultra HD System For Convenient Connectivity


Have you ever heard the phrase “If you want something done right, do it yourself?” You probably wouldn’t relate this sentiment to wiring your data center. That’s what caught my attention when I was reviewing Belden’s product bulletin on their new FiberExpress Ultra HD System. In addition to being  high-density, convenient and easy-to-use, the system can be put in by … Read More »

Raritan’s dcTrack™: Data Center Infrastructure Management Software Solution


I’m a very “visual” person. With everything I do, I picture something in my mind’s eye. Even when I teach music – I say thing’s like “Can’t you just see a butterfly floating by in this passage? Make it sound like that!” So when it comes time to review the data center, I want to visualize what we need to manage.
I … Read More »