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Physical Layer Management in 10/40/100-Gigabit Ethernet Migration


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By Pat Thompson, Director Business Development – Managed Connectivity
The ability to migrate from 10- to 40- or 100-Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) hinges on knowing the nature and length of the backbone cable. The problem is, if you don’t know the … Read More »

What’s new in the WESCO Data Center App for iPad®


Hardly a day goes by that I don’t see an article in my Inbox or RSS feed mentioning the accelerated rate (compared to predictions) of BYOD use in business. I know that I take my iPad with me pretty much wherever I go – including each day to work. I’ve found myself loading more “business” apps than games or photos, … Read More »

The CSC Data Center Guy Presents: TE Connectivity’s SAM


Hello! I’m The CSC Data Center Guy! I eat dinner every day with my 2-year old son, Sam. There’s food on the floor, the table and all over his hands and face. Unlike my Sam, TE Connectivity’s (SAM), or Storage Area Management, is neat and organized.
With the SAM solution you can manage up to 768 active ports in 2 rack … Read More »

WESCO Distribution Launches Data Center App for iPad on the App Store


Pittsburgh, November 26, 2012:
WESCO Distribution, (NYSE: WCC), a leading provider of electrical, industrial, and communications MRO and OEM products, construction materials, and advanced supply chain management and logistics services, released its data center App for iPad in the App Store. The new app provides data center managers with instant access to the latest products from industry-leading suppliers wherever they … Read More »

The CSC Data Center Guy Presents: TE Connectivity’s MRJ21 Ultra Slim Cabling System


Put your data center on a diet with
TE Connectivity’s MRJ21 Ultra Slim Cabling System. This SLIM cabling system saves rack space, installation time and improves airflow.

See how in my video below.

For TE’s white paper on AMP NetConnect Cabling Systems Click Here.