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An Emerging Best Practice—Wire-free Environmental Monitoring in the Data Center


By Chris Gaskins, Vice President, Product Development, RF Code
Environmental monitoring, a long-standing best practice, is taking on new importance in today’s green data center. But even stalwart practices need a technology refresh. That’s why we’re seeing the emergence of wire-free monitoring solutions. These eliminate the cable running from energy source to environmental sensor, giving data centers freedom to deploy environmental … Read More »

The CSC Data Center Guy Presents: RF Code’s Wireless Monitoring System


Monitoring your data center is much like monitoring a baby. You want to keep them dry, safe and at right temperature. RF Code’s wireless monitoring system will not help new parents sleep, but you will be able to rest easy with RF Code keeping an eye on your data center.

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Click here for a white … Read More »

Real-Time Wire-Free Environmental and Power Monitoring from RF Code


Do you remember the first time you used a Post-it Note? Can you imagine life without them now? Write a note, peel it off the pad and stick it in an easy to view spot (I have 7 different Post-it’s hanging off my computer monitors right now). So, wouldn’t it be great if you could set-up the monitoring of your data center, just … Read More »