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Raritan’s dcTrack™: Data Center Infrastructure Management Software Solution


I’m a very “visual” person. With everything I do, I picture something in my mind’s eye. Even when I teach music – I say thing’s like “Can’t you just see a butterfly floating by in this passage? Make it sound like that!” So when it comes time to review the data center, I want to visualize what we need to manage.
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Raritan White Paper: Data Center Power Distribution & Capacity Planning


In case you missed the last issue of CSC’s Trusted Advisor eNewsletter, I thought I would share this interesting White Paper from Raritan.
Raritan, a leading provider of data center equipment, and PTS, a well-respected data center consulting firm and turnkey solutions provider, recently conducted a series of tests to examine the effects of heat, airflow and power usage in a … Read More »

Raritan’s Power IQ: Data Center Energy Management Software


All data centers may be different, but some issues they face are universal. No matter where in the world your facility is located, you deal with constrained power resources and continually increasing energy bills. With limited operational capacity, you need an energy management software solution that is versatile, easy to use, reduces downtime and drives energy conservation. 
Raritan’s Power IQ is vendor-agnostic data … Read More »