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New Energy Productivity Metric Unveiled by The Green Grid


In the past, I’ve written about Power Usage Efficiency (PUE) as a benchmark for measurement in data centers. I have also pointed you to the Green Grid as a major industry resource for data center information. In an article featured on there is exciting new information that the Green Grid, along with a global task force, has standardized … Read More »

What’s new in the WESCO Data Center App for iPad®


Hardly a day goes by that I don’t see an article in my Inbox or RSS feed mentioning the accelerated rate (compared to predictions) of BYOD use in business. I know that I take my iPad with me pretty much wherever I go – including each day to work. I’ve found myself loading more “business” apps than games or photos, … Read More »

The CSC Expert Webinar Series Continues on July 16 with Belden


CSC is hosting a free BICSI accredited webinar, sponsored by Belden on July 16th.  The course entitled, “Data Center Trends: What’s Hot & What’s Not” will cover major trends and changes happening in the data center space. It is a must attend for anyone in the data center world, with the added benefit of earning a BISCI CEC for participating … Read More »

Data Center Resources: Datacenter Dynamics


Are you looking for peer-led data center conferences? Or a true variety in training courses, whether they be for the individual or corporate – online or in the classroom? Perhaps you prefer watching videos or reading a digital magazine. Well, has it all in one place. This is one of the best compilations of data center resources that I … Read More »

Berk-Tek OM4 Pre-Terminated Fiber Assemblies Successfully Exceed 800m Distance


By: Lisa Moughan, Nexans, Inc., Press Contact
Nexans’ Data Communications Competence Center (DCCC) at Berk-Tek, in New Holland PA, challenged the performance boundaries of Berk-Tek Pre-Terminated Optical Fiber Assemblies with rigorous experiments using a variety of test configurations and platforms. The results demonstrated that Berk-Tek’s GIGAlite-10 OM3, GIGAlite10-FB OM4, and GIGAlite10-XB OM4+ cables consistently exceed the IEEE Standard for both 40G … Read More »

Polarity: Knowing whether you’re coming or going…


By Kevin Paschal, Product Manager – Enterprise Fiber Optic Solutions for CommScope, Inc.
When planning for 40/100 Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) capability in your data center, it is important to select a polarity management method that will take care of your current and future needs. The Telecommunications Industry Association’s (TIA) Method B polarity management offers the best path forward.
According to the … Read More »

Data Center Resources: The Green Grid Consortium


I am always looking for new resources for the data center, and just learned about The Green Grid. What is the Green Grid? (or whom?)
“The Green Grid is a non-profit, open industry consortium of end-users, policy-makers, technology providers, facility architects, and utility companies collaborating to improve the resource efficiency of data centers and business computing ecosystems.” 
Their Mission statement is: “To … Read More »

Siemon White Paper: Cat 6 & Non-Compliant 26 AWG Cabling Will Not Support 10GBASE-T


Earlier this month, I sent out this interesting White Paper from Siemon in our Trusted Advisor eNewsletter (if you are not familiar with this newsletter, we send out relevant white papers from industry leading manufactures – and we present them in an unbiased manner – click here to sign up now). Here’s what the white paper is about:
Data … Read More »

A Standard to Help Save Energy


Reading the piece from “Cabling Installation & Maintenance” the other day about the IEEE 802.3az Energy Efficient Ethernet standard served as a good reminder that saving energy is not all about blanking panels, variable speed drives and the like. Attacking the problem closer to the root cause is always good.
The EEE standard defines methods to reduce the energy consumption … Read More »

Get LEED Credits for Data Cable


It’s hard enough to obtain LEED certification for data centers while we await the passing of an alternate points system tailored to them. In the meantime, there are some special credits that may contribute points for data cable of all things! How’s that work?
LEED Pilot Credit 2: PBT Source Reduction: Dioxins and Halogenated Organic Compounds exists “to reduce the … Read More »