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DAS Special Report from Cabling Installation & Maintenance


In a world saturated with mobile devices, being connected 24/7/365 has become essential to everyday life. But what happens when we get into an elevator or find ourselves in the stairwell of a high-rise building? Simply put, we often get cut off from the outside world and have no connectivity.  The June issue of Cabling Installation & Maintenance magazine explores this in … Read More »

Berk-Tek Webinar: 40G Data Center Infrastructure Secrets


With increased focus being placed on data center productivity, choosing the right tactics to drive optimal performance has become more important than ever.
Berk-Tek’s Mike Connaughton will present a free webinar: “40G Data Center Infrastructure Secrets” on June 3rd, 2014 at 12p.m. CDT. Learn the best cabling practices and tips of the trade to get the most out of your 40G … Read More »

Belden Webinar: Transitioning to the “Hyper” Data Center of Tomorrow


Belden’s technical solutions manager, Michael Salvador, will present a free webinar “Transition to the Hyper Data Center”: Information Anytime, Anyplace and on Any Device” on April 16th at 11 a.m. EDT. Click Here to register now!
An excerpt from the News Release put out by Belden on April 9: While data centers were once viewed as supporters of a … Read More »

New Energy Productivity Metric Unveiled by The Green Grid


In the past, I’ve written about Power Usage Efficiency (PUE) as a benchmark for measurement in data centers. I have also pointed you to the Green Grid as a major industry resource for data center information. In an article featured on there is exciting new information that the Green Grid, along with a global task force, has standardized … Read More »

What’s new in the WESCO Data Center App for iPad®


Hardly a day goes by that I don’t see an article in my Inbox or RSS feed mentioning the accelerated rate (compared to predictions) of BYOD use in business. I know that I take my iPad with me pretty much wherever I go – including each day to work. I’ve found myself loading more “business” apps than games or photos, … Read More »

New Report: Data Center Construction Growth Picks Up


Whether you have seen it in person or just recall from movies, we can all picture the massive computer rooms of the 1980’s and early 90’s…but what you may not know is just how far data centers have come, and how much they are expected to grow in the coming years.
According to a recent report conducted by analysts at TechNavio, … Read More »

Sweden’s Largest Data Center Housed in a Cold War Nuclear Bunker

Pionen1 shares not only the story of the Pionen Data Center in Sweden, but the most amazing photo array from the facility that I have seen. “Pionen is a former civil defense center built in the White Mountains in Stockholm, Sweden in the 1970s to protect essential government functions from nuclear strike,” the story states. A … Read More »

Using Supercomputing Data Center Technology to Cool a Solar Power Generation System


Ambrose McNevin posted the article “250 watts from a 1cm x 1cm photovoltaic chip” on DatacenterDynamics which explains how High Concentration Photovoltaic Thermal (HCPVT) system can be used to cool the data center. The author explains that researchers are developing a “system designed to draw 250 watts for each square centimetre of photovoltaic chip and can generate … Read More »

WESCO’s Data Center App for iPad Featured in tED Magazine


The March issue of tED Magazine features a great story on WESCO’s Data Center app for iPad. Last October, WESCO launched an app for iPad that’s designed to help companies run more efficient data centers (click here to download the app on your iPad). The app helps to solve many challenges with … Read More »

CommScope Acquires iTRACS


Acquisition Will Create One of Industry’s Broadest Enterprise DCIM Platforms
HICKORY, N.C.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–To further expand the solutions available for supporting enterprise customers with intelligence and infrastructure management, CommScope has acquired substantially all of the assets of iTRACS Corporation, a global leader in open, enterprise-class data center infrastructure management (DCIM).
The transaction was completed Monday and terms are not being disclosed.
iTRACS, previously a … Read More »