About CSC

Who is CSC?

Communications Supply Corporation (CSC), a subsidiary of WESCO International, Inc.

(NYSE: WCC) distributes a full range of security and IP infrastructure products and solutions. CSC and WESCO form the largest data communications and electrical network in North America, with a suite of global distribution capabilities and 400 full-service branches.

With immense resources at their fingertips, our sales team does more than just provide product. CSC’s experienced sales force has a passionate commitment to understanding your unique business needs. They strive every day to supply you the best products, technical expertise, and the most cost-effective logistics solutions available in the communications distribution business.

Your ONE Source for Data Center Infrastructure

At CSC, we get it. We get that you’re always being asked to do more with less. We get that technology is rapidly evolving every day and that you’re at the very center of it all. And, because we get it, we’ve compiled the nation’s most comprehensive set of products and services designed to reduce energy consumption, maximize space, streamline cooling and increase security in every square inch of every cubic foot in your data center. With over 40 years serving IT professionals, we’ve grown to meet your ever-expanding needs. Backed by the power of WESCO and the industry’s leading suppliers, it’s about time you turned to Communication Supply Corporation.


CSC distributes a wide range of products to support data center applications, including:

  • Network Cabling and Connectivity
  • Network Cabinets, Racks & Zone Cabling
  • Cable Routing
  • Networking Electronics and Wireless
  • Cooling
  • Local Area Network Equipment
  • Power over Ethernet
  • Wireless Systems
  • Wide Area Network Equipment
  • Surveillance/Video
  • Access Control
  • Fire/Burglar Alarm Systems
  • Telephony & Intercom Systems
  • Sound/AV/Notification
  • Tools & Test Equipment