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Extra Sensory Perception, Intelligent Lighting for Intelligent Buildings
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Are you the type who chases your kids around the house turning lights off as they leave every room? Or perhaps you’re like me, the one who never learned to turn lights off. Do you also close vents based on which rooms are occupied?

While running around the house turning off lights and closing vents may be practical at home, running around a commercial office turning off lights and adjusting HVAC based on real-time occupancy would certainly turn some heads. What if you could install a single solution that would provide real-time, actionable intelligence throughout the commercial space?

This isn’t a new concept. Building Automation Systems and Lighting Control Solutions are installed in many forward-thinking businesses already, but they come at a substantial cost and run on proprietary infrastructure. That is all about to change.

CommScope’s Redwood Intelligent Lighting Network Solution (ILNS) deploys a high-density sensor grid that powers LED luminaires and delivers occupancy, temperature and lighting energy consumption data over a single, standards-based UTP cabling infrastructure.

Consider this: in a traditional lighting control system you need power for the luminaires, the sensors, and the sensor controls; communications to the switches, lighting interface module, lighting controller; and a server running the software. The high voltage power is running through conduit and the communications cabling is proprietary so it really can’t connect to support anything beyond the lighting system.

In an ILNS, each fixture is powered and controlled over a low-voltage UTP cable. The cable comes from a lighting engine in a network closet, connects to a sensor, and from the sensor to a luminaire. That means that every luminaire includes a sensor, resulting in a high-density sensor grid. That data returns to the engine ready to integrate through an Open API to IT network operations, or BACnet/IP for HVAC control.

Learn more about this solution in our BICSI accredited Expert Webinar presented by CommScope and Cree on February 19th, 2015.

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