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In a world saturated with mobile devices, being connected 24/7/365 has become essential to everyday life. But what happens when we get into an elevator or find ourselves in the stairwell of a high-rise building? Simply put, we often get cut off from the outside world and have no connectivity.  The June issue of Cabling Installation & Maintenance magazine explores this in the article, titled “Distributed Antenna Systems: Options and Best Practices.”

WESCO’s Paul Kopera, Vice President of Emerging Technologies, is quoted throughout the article, offering insight into these challenges

“We have an expectation as consumers that we’ll have coverage in any building, anywhere, at any time,” he said, adding that current cellular networks “are not designed to meet the needs of dense urban environments. He explains that distributed antenna systems (DAS) can aid networks that “are challenged by the change in use and dynamics in the marketplace.”

The article goes on to provide further detail behind the “hows” and “whys” of outfitting enterprise environments with DAS systems.

For more information about DAS solutions, and how they can help your business, contact your local WESCO CSC branch at 877-462-7279.

Read the full article in Cabling Installation & Maintenance Here.

View the original webcast, from which the article was derived, Here.

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