Belden Webinar: Transitioning to the “Hyper” Data Center of Tomorrow


Belden’s technical solutions manager, Michael Salvador, will present a free webinar “Transition to the Hyper Data Center”: Information Anytime, Anyplace and on Any Device” on April 16th at 11 a.m. EDT. Click Here to register now!

An excerpt from the News Release put out by Belden on April 9: While data centers were once viewed as supporters of a business model, today they are the business model. With virtually all business now accomplished via the data center, companies are forced to keep up with customer demand or risk falling behind. The desire for information any time, any place and on any device continues to drive up the demand for more bandwidth within data centers and over the Internet. At the same time, businesses are striving for lower-cost data center operations.

“Today’s businesses are seeking ways to keep up with our world’s digital explosion and transition to a ‘hyper’ data center environment while decreasing spending and maintaining flexibility,” says Salvador. “Attendees of this webinar will learn about the major changes taking place in the data center industry and how options like consolidation, virtualization and outsourcing can help lower total cost of ownership and provide a better return on investment.”

Key webinar takeaways will include:

  • Understanding the need for a shift in the data center business model
  • Discovering how outsourced services can help meet business needs
  • Learning how to manage operational cost via new technologies
  • Identifying the impact and drivers behind the latest industry trends
  • Effectively making the shift to the hyper data center of tomorrow

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