New Energy Productivity Metric Unveiled by The Green Grid


In the past, I’ve written about Power Usage Efficiency (PUE) as a benchmark for measurement in data centers. I have also pointed you to the Green Grid as a major industry resource for data center information. In an article featured on there is exciting new information that the Green Grid, along with a global task force, has standardized on a new equation that quantifies “useful work” produced by a data center based on the amount of energy it consumes.

Data Center energy Productivity (DCeP) has been in development since 2009. Simply, it is computed as (useful work consumed) / (total energy consumed), and the computation allows each user to define useful work as it is applicable to their own business. An example given by the Green Grid is that a retail business may use number of sales, while an online search company might use the number of completed searches as their measurement for useful work.

For more information on DCeP, read this informative article now

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