Floor Tile Efficiency – What You Need to Know


“Flat bottom tiles are like a car window.”

Sometimes it is the simplest explanation that makes the most sense. I was curious about the importance and effect of perforated floor tile placement on air flow management in a data center. I decided to do a little research and started by looking at one of our partner’s websites – Triadfloors.com 

Triad has a wonderful “education” section on their site, and one page is dedicated to tile efficiency. As a “visual” person myself, the Triad site is completely refreshing. The concept of proper air flow management through the floor tiles was easily understandable just by the simple statement that I opened this post with, but then further defined with a detailed descriptor: “The best way to illustrate the impact of this design flaw is to show you how flat bottom tiles are like a car window when a car is moving down the road. With your car windows open, you find inconsistent flow coming into the car. Air going by the window of the car passes by part of the “open area” of the window, providing some air into the car but pulling air out of the car as well. The only way to get the air to flow directly into the car is to angle the air into the area needing the air. This angling of the air towards the heated item creates wind chill on the surface of the item to be cooled and dissipates heat by letting the air pass by the item.”

There is a lot more to learn about tile efficiency from the Triad website, click here to read more now.


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