Turn Data Center Confusion into Clarity: Belden Webinar on Nov. 19th


If you have an hour to spare tomorrow from 2-3 pm EST, Belden has lined up a panel of data center experts to address questions you have relating to data center standards, configuration and topology options, migration strategies, efficiencies, and more. Register now.

With data centers needing to support increased bandwidth demands, being faced with growing energy costs and with the movement toward virtualization and cloud, it’s more apparent than ever that the data center of tomorrow will be vastly different than the data center of today. This webinar offers the following key take-aways:

  • Learn whether Top of Rack or Centralized Cabling is the way to go in your specific installation
  • Understand current industry standards and how can you use them as a basis for best practices
  • Explore the latest trends in data center efficiencies that you can easily implement
  • Learn when it is appropriate to use copper or fiber, and what the migration limitations may be, depending on your choice
  • Understand how cloud computing is impacting businesses similar to yours, and when you should make the move

Line up your questions now! Learn more and register now!

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