CRN’s 10 Data Center Predictions for 2013


I love to read articles with different perspectives, and I found this CRN article particularly interesting. CRN gears information toward VARS and technology integrators, and here is a summary of what they are predicting for 2013:

1. In addition to power and cooling efficiency being the top priority, new technologies that drive data center performance, like flash-based storage and system on chip (SOC) will generate the most buzz this year.

2. Increased implementation of security policies and technologies to protect corporate data to support the onrush of BYOD usage in the office

3. Need for increased bandwidth for cloud-based services including big data, backups, disaster recovery and streaming

4. Consolidation of corporate data centers

5. New construction of stand-alone multitenant data centers

6. New data centers will take cues from the largest providers and copy their new design elements such as natural cooling and custom-built hardware

7. Increased implementation of modular data centers

8. VARs will be the new Data Center service providers

9. Less complicated data center infrastructure management software (DCIM) will give solution providers an advantage when developing data center management practices

10. Partnering amongst data center peers/competitors to use the cloud to increase communications,  provide backup resources and even take over for each other in an emergency

Check out the full article by Joseph F Kovar at CRN now

What trends or new technologies do you predict we will see in Data Centers in 2013?

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