Take a Peak Inside a Google Data Center


At a time when most major companies are “super secretive” about  their data centers, Google has put theirs out there front and center. I’ve had the opportunity to tour data centers in the past, but nothing quite compares to the presentation Google has made on their “Data Centers” page and through their “Street View”. Utilizing the latter, you can navigate around the data center as if you were on a walking tour, without ever leaving your desk. Check it out now! (Look for the fun “Easter eggs” like the one I found in this post’s main photo)

In addition to just being “cool” (yes, another bad blogger pun), Google presents some valuable information on the energy efficiency of their data centers, and how you can utilize their products to increase efficiency.

And if you want to look into Google’s Data Centers around the world, they’ve provided a photo gallery of that as well. Here are some patch panels, patch cords and cable management, up close and personal……and here’s an impressive shot their custom servers:

Navigate around Google’s data center site – it is well worth your time. What Easter eggs did you find while you were there?

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