Legrand|Ortonics Mighty Mo GX Cabinets


Recently, my husband and I reconfigured our home office. We got creative and used kitchen cabinets and drawers, and attached a kitchen counter to two walls to create joint desktops for our PCs. By thinking “outside the box” we had greater flexibility to make the most of our space.

Like our home office, every data center has unique design requirements. Fortunately Legrand | Ortronics kept this in mind when they designed their unique Mighty Mo GX Cabinets.  Fully modular and configurable to suit the needs of your specific installation, each cabinet can be assembled with as few or as many accessories as needed to properly support your servers, switches and patch panels. The cabinets are designed to stand alone or easily gang together, as your network demands increase. Some of the key features and benefits include: 

  • Fully configurable—29 frames and two available frame design colors—offers infinite mounting rail adjustments
  • Advanced cable management—supports demands of both servers and high-density switches
  • Passive thermal management—baffle system redirects airflow for hot aisle/cold aisle separation
  • Access management—locking handles and side panels prevent unauthorized access or tampering
  • Bonding and grounding—every cabinet is bonded according to UL 60950-1 2nd edition

Learn more about the Legrand | Ortronics Mighty Mo GX Cabinets by downloading their brochure now

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