Building a Highly-Secure, Near-Zero Carbon Data Center


From the title of this post, you may think it will end “Case in point in the Twilight Zone”, but I assure you it won’t. Instead I present to you a case study recently deployed through CSC’s Trusted Advisor eNews – where we present recent and unbiased information from industry leading manufacturers on the technological information you crave. Subscribe to the e-newsletter now.

The premise of this case study is this: today’s colocation facilities are designed with one underlying goal, to keep energy costs down. Each data center might go down a different path to get there, but at the heart of any plan to minimize energy consumption is an effort to improve cooling efficiency. CPI presents multiple passive cooling and innovative cabinet solutions in this enticing case study outlining BendBroadband’s success at becoming Oregon’s most sustainable, reliable and secure colocation facility. Read the Case Study now.

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