AC or DC Power For the Data Center?


I came across this really interesting video of a panel discussion from The Green Grid Forum 2012 of their session “Sparks Fly! The Real Story About HVDC and Data Centers”.  The use of High Voltage Direct Current (HVDC) in data centers can be a controversial topic, with increased interest since publication of the Electric Power Research Institute’s (EPRI) 2011 report on the efficiency gains to be made with DC power distribution. The panel is led by Lex Coors of Interxion and includes the following industry leading panelists (and the “side” they are taking):
 – Brian Fortenbery, EPRI – researching efficiency in all areas so he discusses both AC & DC
 – Javier Izquierdo, HP (responsible for power systems development for the enterprise computing group) – Javier is technology agnostic, HP will provide whatever customers demand!
 – Rudy Krause, ABB/Validus – DC power is the way to power the data center
 – Tony Lai, Delta Products Corp. – Discussing both DC & AC  products
 – Neil Rasmussen, Schneider Electric – his position is that rumors of the demise of AC is greatly exaggerated
 – Chris Sedore, VP for IT/CIO Syracuse University – is a fan of HVDC

Watch the video and let us know your opinion on this hot topic.

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