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Got questions? Want honest answers? Get answers to your vendor, managed services, product evaluation and vendor support questions from your peers. I was just checking out, and it is a pretty cool site . If you have an IT question, you can look to see if someone answered it, or if there is a discussion going on about it. There is even a conglomeration of IT blog posts to read. If your topic isn’t in discussion, you simply post it on the site for others to answer.

It didn’t take me more than 30 seconds from the time I first opened the site to find the extensive section of answers under the Main Topic of “DataCenter”. Of course, this may not get you the manufacturers preferred solution to an issue, but in a pinch, you can usually find someone who has already struggled with the same issue you are encountering, and solved it in a satisfactory way. That’s what I love about all these great resources right at our fingertips!

Check out now.

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