Reasons Category 6 Should Not be Specified for 10Gb/s


In case you missed the last issue of CSC’s Trusted Advisor eNewsletter, I wanted to share this interesting white paper from Siemon that documents (with references) multiple reasons that Category 6 cable should not be specified in Data Centers.

As the availability of 10GBASE-T network equipment increases, data center decision makers will want to take advantage of the cost savings, convenience, and flexibility provided by deploying 10 Gb/s technology over balanced twisted-pair copper cabling. While it is true that Category 6 cabling can provide limited support of 10GBASE-T in some environments, the reality is that there are some very compelling reasons to specify Category 6A or higher cabling in a new 10 Gb/s-ready data center.

In the white paper “Data Center Cabling: Why Category 6 Should Not be Specified for 10Gb/s“, Siemon documents and discusses seven major points to validate the argument for specifying Category 6A or higher in the data center – read them now.

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