10GBASE-T Most Cost-Effective Solution for Data Center Access-Layer Network


Always on the look-out for great white papers, I came across this collaborative effort from CommScope, Intel and Cisco that is a must read. To quickly summarize: new 10GBASE-T physical layers (PHYs) allow lower-cost and lower-power, high-density designs for cabling runs under the 100-meter capability of 10GBASE-T. Data centers are deploying a significant number of networks ranging from approximately 18 to 46 meters for access-layer networks (connecting servers to access switches). This white paper lays a foundation for using a zone distribution cabling model to build cost-effective, modular, and scalable data center networks.

The closing statement made in the executive summary makes my case for reading this paper: “Using the data and analysis in the following sections, this document concludes that the economic and technical barriers to end-user adoption of 10GBASE-T have been overcome, and 10GBASE-T is moving toward massive deployment.”

Read the “White Paper 10GBASE-T Ecosystem Is Ready for Broad Adoption” now

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