Facebook, Google, eBay or Yahoo – Who’s Got the Best PUE?


With the power usage effectiveness (PUE) number to hit of 1.0, and an average number closer to 1.8 – where are these monster data centers tracking in the race to green their data centers? I was sent this really interesting article that tells where each of the 4 are ranked (or claim to be), with in-depth information on how the PUE for each is being calculated. Here-in lies the key. Without a truly defined outline of what needs to be included when calculating energy consumption in the data center – are these companies reporting figures that truly compare “apples to apples”?

Stacey Higginbotham gives detailed explanations of how each of these data centers are calculating their PUE in her article “Whose data centers are more efficient? Facebook’s or Google’s?” found here on gigaom.com. A must read for every data center professional.

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