EPA’s Energy Star Program: Widening The Scope Of Server Specifications


Found this great new article on the GreenBiz.com site by blogger Matthew Wheeland that talks about some expected updates  to server specs and new certifications in the EPA’s Energy Star program. When Energy Star initially launched a certification for servers back in 2009, the initial spec did not include blade servers and did not account for managing active power consumption. Mr. Wheeland’s interview of R.J. Meyers, Energy Star’s Lead on Data Center Products, reveals that the initial version 1.0 was created just to “get a stake in the ground, to set something and move forward from there.”

Now, with version 2.0 for servers, efficiency measures will be set for blade servers. In addition, the article explains, the Energy Star team is considering expanding the scope of the specification to include three-socket and four-socket servers. Energy Star is will also include active-load power consumption, measured with SPEC’s Server Efficiency Rating Tool (SERT).

A great read all-around that I highly recommend: Read “How Energy Star is Working on the Green Data Center of the Future” by Matthew Wheeland now

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