Raritan’s dcTrack™: Data Center Infrastructure Management Software Solution


I’m a very “visual” person. With everything I do, I picture something in my mind’s eye. Even when I teach music – I say thing’s like “Can’t you just see a butterfly floating by in this passage? Make it sound like that!” So when it comes time to review the data center, I want to visualize what we need to manage.

I was quite excited when I came across Raritan’s dcTrack. This data center infrastructure management software solution is an effective tool to manage data center capacity, assets and change. It will help your people be more efficient while ensuring database accuracy and improve data center utilization. You can track your assets with dcTrack’s asset tags, intelligent capacity search and placement and powerful connectivity management tools. And best of all (for me anyway), you can visualize it all!

Capacity Management and Dashboard
Visualize Floor Map
Visualize Cabinet Elevations
Visualize Item and Port Trace

These are just a few of the screen shots that I found most interesting from the dcTrack software. You can view a variety of screenshots, along with a product overview, benefits, FAQs and applications by visiting the dcTrack informational page on Raritan’s website. For a product demonstration, call your local CSC office at 1-877-462-7279.

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