Panduit’s PViQ Intelligent Infrastructure Management


I always feel so productive at the end of the year. A little extra time to clean the Inbox, the desk …and catch up on some reading (I have a stack of articles and magazines on one corner of my desk that I saved up during the year). Of course, interesting reading, means new topics to blog about, so here is the first of my great “finds” in the pile of great information I collected.

Panduit provides complete visibility of the data center through intelligent devices and software-based automation that integrates with higher-level network management and services desk platforms.  The document I read, “Physical Infrastructure Management PanView iQ (PViQ) System Hardware” discusses how their approach to software/hardware data center infrastructure management will help optimize data center operations as enterprises embark on virtualization and cloud computing initiatives.  Panduit offers a modular approach to delivering DCIM functionality, which enables you to customize solutions to meet the needs of your organization both now and in the future. Process-driven integration with your current network management and service desk platforms deliver a streamlined interface to support management of IT assets with related attributes and physical infrastructure components of your data center and extended enterprise.

Along with their software, Panduit’s line of PViQ System Hardware combines active patch panels, cabling, power outlet units and environmental sensors for a complete data center solution. Each of these components, along with various set-up configurations, are discussed in detail in the attached article. You can also find more information by visiting

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