Are you Ready for 40G and 100G?

Projected Share of Network Ports

By Gary Bernstein, RCDD, Director of Product Management — Fiber and Data Center Leviton Network Solutions

Excerpt from Leviton’s white paper “Are you Ready for 40G and 100G — 12- vs. 24-fiber MTP® cabling for higher-speed Ethernet”.

East Africa is host to the extraordinary Great Migration. Every year, millions of creatures – zebras, wildebeest, gazelles, and many others – travel 1,800 miles and must overcome numerous threats to survive. Data centers regularly undertake their own great migration, to ever higher speed networks.

Applications from development software and ERP systems to consumer content, medical and academic records, and a host of others are continously driving demand for greater bandwidth, and the network must keep pace.

10G, unimaginable a decade ago, is now common in larger enterprises. Several 40G core, edge, and top of rack (ToR) switches are on the market today, including equipment from Force10, Cisco, Arista, Extreme Networks, Hitachi, and BLADE Network Technologies (now IBM System Networking). Cisco, Alcatel-Lucent, Brocade, and Juniper Networks have introduced 100G equipment as well. By 2015, higher-speed Ethernet will have about a 25% share of network equipment ports, according to Infonetics Research. The need is clear: a 40/100G Ethernet migration plan is quickly becoming a matter of survival.

Click here to read Leviton’s complete white paper.

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