Deciphering Encircled Flux Testing for High-Speed Multimode


I saw this article by Siemon and wanted to share it with you.

For those of you paying attention to what’s happening in high-speed multimode fiber (which should be just about all of us in the data center and network infrastructure world), the Encircled Flux test method has become a bit of a hot button topic.  Now, if you want a full technical rundown of Encircled Flux, I suggest checking out a recent article in Cabling Installation and Maintenance magazine.

If you don’t have that kind of time, here’s what you should know:  Encircled Flux insertion loss and return loss test methods were created in response to higher-speed transmissions over multimode fiber  (i.e.: 10/40/100Gb/s).  These higher speeds create significant variability in test results when using the previous test parameters – possibly degrading expected performance through inaccurate results and false passes.  Encircled Flux testing standards reduce this variability by as much as 75%.  Testing high-speed multimode fiber products under Encircled Flux parameters provides the end-user more assurance that their cabling performs as it should.  This is why Siemon has independently tested its high-speed OM3 and OM4 MTP plug and play assemblies according to the latest Encircled Flux methods. Click here for more details.

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