Whimsical Wednesday: Clouds


It seems wherever I turn lately, I am reading about cloud computing or cloud environments. I guess we will no longer be saying “Get your head out of the clouds”, as we now want to be there! I ran across this very interesting blog post and wanted to share it, and share the very apropos  cartoon below. The article questions why the telecom providers are being so slow to implementing cloud environments. Blogger Eric Wegner states “Cloud is a pure network infrastructure play, and telecoms should feel comfortable there; it’s where they are making their living. What’s more, telecom service providers know a great deal about managing software in big data centers – so the stars are aligned.” He goes on to explain how application performance monitoring is the key to controlling the cloud  and says “there’s no reason why a Telco, ISP or MSP can’t enter the cloud business in a few short months – and do it affordably.” I don’t want to spoil the great conclusions the author has presented, so click here now to read his entire post!



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