Berk-Tek LANmark™ 10G2 Cable Saves Space


We discuss the issue of space in the data center often, as it proves to be one of the “hot button” topics for IT managers. High density cabinets and patch panels, vertical cable managers, under floor or overhead solutions are often key components we look at to save space. But what about the cable you are using?  With thousands of feet of network cabling running throughout your facility – why not start saving space here?

Berk-Tek’s LANmark 10G2 Category 6A cable sports a patented design which minimizes alien crosstalk while maintaining a nominal .30″ O.D. (CMP). The cable was designed to handle voice, video and data simultaneously, which will simplify your network. The round cable design will minimize wasted space within the cable tray, to provide improved fill capacity.

And with the smaller O.D., you have less “clutter”, which equates to better airflow, thereby reducing energy costs and increasing thermal performance in your data center.

View the complete specification for the Berk-Tek LANmark-10G2 now

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