Raritan White Paper: Data Center Power Distribution & Capacity Planning


In case you missed the last issue of CSC’s Trusted Advisor eNewsletter, I thought I would share this interesting White Paper from Raritan.

Raritan, a leading provider of data center equipment, and PTS, a well-respected data center consulting firm and turnkey solutions provider, recently conducted a series of tests to examine the effects of heat, airflow and power usage in a working server environment. The hypothesis was that by knowing more about their real-time operational environment, data center managers would be empowered to manage smarter. Using advanced 3-D computational fluid dynamic (CFD) software and intelligent power distribution units (iPDUs), among other devices, Raritan and PTS were able to monitor temperature and humidity, calculate airflow, as well as measure power for both the IT and supporting infrastructure load throughout Raritan’s and PTS’ server rooms.

What did they learn? Check out their findings in this Raritan White Paper “Data Center Power Distribution and Capacity Planning: Understanding what you know – and don’t know – about power usage in your data center

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