CommScope’s SYSTIMAX VisiPatch 360 System


Did you ever notice that at different times during your life, various words creep into your vocabulary, and begin to stick. One of my new words is “ergonomics”. I recently upgraded both my home office and cubicle at work with ergonomic chairs, keyboards and footstools (cause I’m a bit on the short side). When I see “ergonomic”, I’m drawn to read all about it.

So when I read about CommScope’s VisiPatch solution having an ergonomic feature, I had to learn more. I was intrigued because I understood how a chair could be ergonomic, but network infrastructure? What could make network infrastructure ergonomic? It turns out that it has a unique reverse patching technology. This allows the patch cord to be projected away from the user and into the patching field, thereby minimizing congestion, allowing for maximum usable density AND ergonomic compact components that are easy to access and terminate.

The SYSTIMAX® VisiPatch 360 System is a patching and integrated cable management solution, named 360 because it “redefines performance from every angle, providing a whole new approach to network infrastructure solutions”.  Here is a brief rundown of the key features and benefits of this solution:

  • Best-in-class transmission performance
  • Supports 10 Gb/s and 1 Gb/s Ethernet applications
  • Compact ergonomic components
  • Modular, scalable and flexible
  • Increased port density and usable density
  • Easy access to patch plug
  • Snap-together components
  • Unique reverse patching technology
  • Clear and simple port labeling
  • Sleek and elegant design
  • Integrated horizontal and vertical cable and patch cord management


For more information on how to save space in your data center with CommScope’s SYSTIMAX Visipatch 360 Solution contact your local CSC branch now

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