How to Measure Electrical Efficiency in Your Data Center


Many data centers waste electricity because there’s not a plan to manage this important, expensive resource and in many cases, it’s not even measured. You can’t control what you don’t measure. The good news is that with the technology available today it is pretty easy to measure, plan, and improve data center efficiency. In addition to saving electricity, higher power densities and the ability to install more IT equipment in a given installation are direct benefits of making improvements in efficiency.

Research by APC by Schneider Electric and others is showing that data center efficiency varies widely across similar data centers, and – even more significant – the actual efficiencies of real installations are well below the practical achievable best-in-class values.

The majority of data center operators don’t have efficiency data yet it’s absolutely essential to developing a meaningful strategy. Addressing these issues requires:

  • A standard language for describing data center efficiency
  • A standard method for measuring data center efficiency
  • A standard method for analyzing data center efficiency and determining the contributors to inefficiency
  • Benchmark data relating to efficiency, and
  • Efficiency modeling tools to assess proposed improvements or alternative designs.


Download the APC by Schneider Electric White Paper, “Electrical Efficiency Measurement for Data Centers” to learn more about data center efficiency and register for a chance to win a Smart-UPS 1000 VA rackmount UPS.

Download the APC Whitepaper now

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