Getting Paid to Save Energy is DSIREable


How many of you think of big $ signs when you think about retrofitting your data center to make it more efficient? (I see more than a few hands raised)  Many of you know you need to make an investment, but the ROI isn’t quite good enough to get approval for the project.  If you could just show a little better payback, you could get that approval.

Uncle Sam, your state government and very likely your local utility want to help you with incentives and rebates to implement energy saving projects in your data center. In fact, there’s a great place to start hunting for more information about what might be available to you.

Check out DSIRE.  Click the link or type to get you there. DSIREprovides a wealth of information on federal, state, and local government & utility incentives and policies for energy efficiency and renewable energy.  Simply click on your state to get a list of all the different programs available for grants, tax incentives, rebates and more.

Share your story about how you used a rebate or incentive to sell your project internally.

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  1. Leslie Shirai said on
    April 19, 2011 at 4:51 pm

    Great article. What a cool and useful resource!

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