Get LEED Credits for Data Cable


It’s hard enough to obtain LEED certification for data centers while we await the passing of an alternate points system tailored to them. In the meantime, there are some special credits that may contribute points for data cable of all things! How’s that work?

LEED Pilot Credit 2: PBT Source Reduction: Dioxins and Halogenated Organic Compounds exists “to reduce the release of persistent bioaccumulative toxic chemicals (PBTs) associated with the life cycle of building materials.”  In other words, it’s supposed to reduce amount of poisonous stuff in the building – think Halogen-free.

General Cable has a product that fits the bill and it’s available from CSC today. Use their halogen free GenSPEED® 6 with 17 FREE Category 6 Cable, for non-plenum applications of course, and apply for the credit. It’s as easy as that.

Click here to download a spec sheet for the GenSPEED® 6 with 17 FREE Category 6 Cable or contact your local CSC rep to learn more.

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