Design Your Data Center in Less than a Day


Is it possible to design a data center – computer room, office space and all – in less than a day? Really? Conceptually yes! By that, I mean it’s possible to develop a conceptual design for your data center in less than a day – actually in just a few minutes with just a couple known pieces of data.

This is possible because the design experts at Acuity – a technology firm specializing in data center design based in Dallas – have taken their process, proven over 25 years, and made it available in a simple 5 step process available over the web.

The traditional process of developing a conceptual design can take 6 months, or much longer, and cost at least $50,000. The Compass software (that’s what the tool is called) can literally take you minutes to work through and costs less than $20,000. That’s mind-boggling to me! Saving a few G’s is nice, but if I can shave 6 months off my design time, I’ve just made my investment that much more relevant – waiting another 6 months quite possibly means I’m installing old technology.

“What are the inputs?”
Glad you asked. If you know your zip code, how much you pay for power – call your utility if you don’t know, it’s easy – and the number of full time employees at the site you’re set! You can play around with the size of the facility, number of servers, Tier levels, and on and on.

“What’s the output?”
You ask great questions….To run multiple scenarios choose the CSV option to easily compare data. When you’re ready to show the boss or ask the Board for money (that’s always fun) print out a very professional looking PDF report you can use for a handout or presentation. It’s so detailed it’ll even estimate how much you’ll spend for paint!

Just ask your CSC rep for more information. Don’t know one? Click here and we’ll help.

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