Is your data center running out of capacity? No Problem!

You may have seen the 2007 EPA study that says data centers are energy hogs and that data center “Armageddon” will arrive in 2011 or so. Well, here we are in 2011 and I’ve not seen anything like a data center Armageddon, but I do see a lot of data center managers, facilities manager, IT folks and C-levels trying to make sense of where to go next and how to cope with the increasingly fast pace of change in their data centers.

I don’t even come close to having all the answers. But, one thing I am sure of is that the more I learn, the more questions I have. Another thing I know is that there are some common issues many data centers encounter… with a billion different ways to solve problems. Helping you solve these issues is what this blog is all about.

Data centers are running out of power, space, and cooling. So you’ll find info here on products, services, best practices and market trends to help you sort through those issues. You’ll also find some information on physical security and industry standards and we’ll have the occasional guest blogger from the industry’s leading manufacturers.

Feel free to post a comment or opinion of your own to stimulate the conversation. I’ve been known to toss out a screwball idea every now and then just to see what kind of reaction I get . Or sit back, munch on your Cheetos & RedBull and enjoy the information.

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